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Sports Photography High School


I want to graduate from my Nikon D5600 to Sony for many obvious reasons.  I do a wide variety of photography and love to capture the moments in high school sports from football, Nordic skiing to track. What camera would you recommend and preferred lense? 


Thank you!


Prime Creator

It really depends on your budget. The top of the line would be the a1 and the 70-200GM2. The a7IV with the 70-200 or 100-400 would also be a good choice, but not as fast and lower resolution


I recommend the a1.  But if it's out of your budget, like it is out of mine, I highly recommend the a9 or a9II for sports.  I personally use the a9 paired with the 70-200 GM1 and 200-600 G for most sports that I shoot.

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I’m with @devofields above. If you can get the a1 do it. If that’s not in the budget, the a9 series will give you a great frame rate and auto focus. Plus, you typically don’t need huge megapixels so it fits in perfect. And the 70-200 and 200-600 are two of my favorite lenses. 

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How much money do you have to spend?