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Staying Motivated

Leading Creator

Alaska-8.jpgIn the winter months, it can be tough for a lot of photographers and cinematographers because it's the slowest season for many. If you want to stay motivated one of the best suggestions I can offer is to go out and try something completely new. Do something that you've always wanted to try and see what comes of it. It doesn't matter the outcome of the final product but you'll teach yourself something new that may lead to new and exciting opportunities down the road. 

Hoping for the best for everyone in 2023!!



I love trying new things.  Spent some time during covid playing with flying food when it was just too cold to go outside for long.  I seem to learn unexpected things when I try something different.  Very exciting.Flying Macaron.jpg

Love this!! Thanks for sharing 🙂 

Prime Creator

Experimentation during downtime is always exciting! During the pandemic shutdown, I ended up experimenting with macro, extension tubes, insects, it was very fun!