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Switching up your photography

Leading Creator

I've been working in TV/Film for practically my entire career, shooting both video and photo (timelapse) and I'm finding the more I do it the more it feels less exciting and more like just another job. I miss the feeling of what it felt like when I first started almost 20 years ago. I've since come to terms with this realization but I've also found there's more to this industry that I've wanted to explore so I'm going to do just that. I'm planning on starting a new business separate from the one I've already made so I can create my own happiness for the type of work that makes me happy (while still maintaining my 'regular' work). 

Has anyone else ever felt this way? Have you switched gears from one genre to the next? Always curious about others' journeys - would love to hear yours! 




Prime Creator

YES, YES!! It is so easy to get super bogged down in the grind. I am always starting new businesses with my camera. I hope to teach waterfowl photography one day, here in our marshes and I also am dabbling in selling tools for businesses who need product photography. I can't ever do one thing! 

Yasss!! Get it. I love that approach. We always have to keep reinventing ourselves 🙂 

Leading Creator

When I was shooting sports Drew, I worked 30+ years at it. For my personal work I photographed landscapes. I created such a library that I was offered a contract from Getty Images back in the day when stock was profitable. From there, I turned my passion for landscape into teaching workshops and helping others. I still enjoy it even after Covid put a cabosh to it for a couple of years. Creating is the key element that lights my fire!