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The advantage of phone Photography

Prime Creator

I love being out and about shooting photos with my Sony Alpha cameras, but there are times when my Sony Xperia phone has its advantages. Whenstrangers see a camera with a large lens they can be reluctant to having their photo taken. But pull out a phone and people are more willing - everyone takes photos with phones so it seems more natural. I also like using my phone when i am doing short videos for social media as it is so fast and easy to do a quick edit on the phone and upload the video. On my Xperia I also have the choice to use "Cinema Pro" which gives me a lot of control of my videos. I have a lot of different cameras, lenses and my phone,  what I shoot with totally depends on the situation I am in.  How do you feel about using your phone vs your camera?


Prime Creator

I definitely use my phone a lot! It's especially helpful for storytelling images when you want to have deeper depth of field and more going on in the frame. It really excels for that! 

Leading Creator

I use my phone on scenes I see when I do not have my big boy cameras... I setup to use the RAW file. I also use it a lot for short reels to post to IG and FB.