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Viewing SONY ARW files on a Mac (OS 10.13.6)

Mover & Shaker

Hi, I am tryng to find out how to view SONY ARW files on my Mac. Adobe camera RAW did not work. Any suggestions?🤔


Leading Creator

If you're using High Sierra then you're going to have issues. It's 5 years out of date and will likely only work for older Sony cameras (A7R2/A7II). You'll likely need to update your OS to be able to view the most recent camera raw versions (and then download via Adobe).  

Mover & Shaker

Thank you Drew. I am using 10.13.6. And I will probably buy The New Lightroom and LR mobile. Should I just wait for this?  But I would like to see my files now. What can I do?


Prime Creator

You could use the Imaging Edge software from Sony.  Unfortunately, Mac really pushes you to update or nothing works and sometimes I update and new things break! It is always a messy process with Mac. 

Prime Creator

Have you tried downloading Sony Imaging Edge? It's free and will read and process Sony RAW files