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Walking around lens


Any thoughts on a good walking around town, easy to carry lens.  I have the 55mm 1.8 on an A7iv, is it worth it to buy a 35mm.  I also have the 24-100 zoom, but I am looking for thoughts on a small easy to carry all in one lens.


Prime Creator

For a zoom, the 24-105/4 G is my main walking around lens. If you don't want a zoom, the 40/2.5 is a great. compact prime

Totally agree with this! I also would throw in the new 24-70. 

Thank you. That is a beautiful lens, but thinking it may be a lot to lug around an amusement park or on a hike.  What do you think?

Thank you for the info.  I have the 24-105, but I was wondering about the 40mm, that could be a nice choice.