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What Creative Look do you like best? Standard, Neutral, other?

Prime Creator

I shoot raw all the time, but I am kind of in love with the IN Creative Look. I turn that on when I do raw+jpeg. I have to turn the fading down a lot though. What is your favorite? 



Prime Creator

Neutral for me looks the best. It felt more natural and a simple boost in contrast in post puts it where I find it satisfactory.

Could you elaborate on the fading part? I try to never touch the Creative Look settings.

I use neutral often too! The fade function gives that washed out look of improperly exposed film..the shadows are lifted. You can adjust the amount or turn it off, in camera.

Star Member

Hi, Caroline,
"when I do raw+jpeg"

When do you do that "raw+jpeg". 

When I started, I captured both, but never ended up looking at the jpegs. That's probably because I was anxious to learn Capture One, and by shooting raw, it locked me in to that workflow. That was intentional. 

What do you do with jpegs straight from the camera?

Honestly, I LOVE the IN color look, so I often use those for my own shots for my family. If we are on vacation I just use the jpegs!