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What do you ask a new client?


Hi! I'm a hobby photographer based in Scotland, and have been branching into some paid concert photography work since the start of this year. Recently, I have been contacted by a musician looking for a promo shoot, which is very exciting for me but I'm also totally clueless and quite nervous! 

So, I guess to start with, what questions do you ask your new clients to find out what they are looking for? 


Prime Creator

Welcome and congratulations on the new client, that's fantastic!

A few of the things I typically ask

What are they looking for specifically? How many photos, what style, how many setups, etc. Do they have examples of what they have in mind?

Do they want a hair/makeup artist?

Where do they want to shoot?

How do they plan to use the photos? ( A promo shoot could be PR, website and social media, and eventual album cover, marketing etc.) I charge more, if they are using it more.

Do they have a budget in mind? Often people don't want to answer that, and the way I typically frame it is that there are several different ways to approach the shoot and of you know the budget it helps figure out what is possible. You can't rent $1500 worth of lights if the whole budget is $1000

Good luck!



Thank you so much, I really appreciate this! All really helpful pointers and has hopefully given us both a great understanding of the briefing now. 


Biggest questions that I always ask potential clients are:

What's the budget?
What's the intended usage for the photos?
Do you have a mood board or examples of other shoots you like?

From there you can get a general idea of what they're looking for / what they're willing to pay for it and make adjustments as needed until you both find a good spot for pricing and usage.

Great thats so good to know! Especially the mood board, that really helped. Thanks 🙂