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What is your editing style?

Prime Creator

I am thinking about trying a new look for my photography in 2023. Up until this point I have been all about dark and moody, with high details. This year I feel like it is time to step out and get more bold with color and brighter with light. I am a little timid to try new things as I am super comfortable where I have been, BUT I feel that inking of burn out happening. Boredom has started to set in. Have you ever had that happen? 

What is your editing style? Are you keen on keeping things clean and natural or do you like to really change the look of your images in editing? 




Prime Creator

I wish I had the artistic vision for doing artsy styles. My typical go to is to try to keep photos as close to the natural state without over saturating the colors. Though I am a big fan of saturated colors, so pretty! 😄

I've been trying to get better at photoshop editing and removing stuff, cloning stuff, using masks and trying to manipulate lighting in post processing.

Occasionally I experiment with turning the different attribute settings to the extreme to see what kind of effect I'd get on my photos.

All your thoughts are great for inspiration! Playing with color manipulation sounds like it would be right up your alley!