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What is Your Favorite Location for Night Photography?

Leading Creator

I am currently in Monument Valley along the Utah/Arizona border. I'm hosting two workshops along with Sports Illustrated legendary photographer Ron Modra. We will be shooting the night sky soon with the legendary Mittens and Merrick Butte. What is your favorite location for night photography?


Key Contributor

Flagstaff, AZ. The sky is so dark you can see ALL the stars due to their dark skies laws for the observatory. I also really like Sunset Crater National Monument, and also Grand Canyon Village. My least favorite place to shoot is the grand canyon, all the people and lights are a real PITA. 

Further away, Joshua Tree Monument, and there is a spot I like to go to between Quartzite and Buckeye. I once visited Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument but don't even think about going there unless you carry a firearm with you and visit with a buddy, it's a human trafficking route. The scenery though with the cactus sticking out is both creepy and alluring. Same with Ajo, got some great night and day timelapses in the desert areas around the city but you need a firearm and a buddy. Every time I have been down in that area Border Patrol pulls me over and snoops around in my car ESPECCIALLY when I am parked on a dirt road. They always advise me to make sure I am armed and if I see any human smugglers to turn around and pretend that I haven't seen anything and leave the area. However some of my favorite images and timelapse happened with a buddy whilst watching the monsoons in Ajo.