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What is your favorite social media? I am exploring all options....

Prime Creator

Part of the reason we do social media at all is to build our businesses. Which social media helps you build your business the best? 

IG: I have to say that IG has driven me BATTY! I haven't been able to grow, when in the past it was super easy. I am tired of jumping through hoops. Do you love it or hate it? Indifferent? I find that I get an ad every four posts or so, which is highly irksome. 😂

Twitter: I started a new Twitter account--you can find me there @floralphoto. They have a huge garden photography community, which is my jam. I'm excited to find more potential people to teach my flower photography techniques. I don't like the format much and also hate to watch people be snarky and argue, which is rampant there. Love it? Hate it? 

Facebook: Anyone still there? I just can't bring myself to go there. It is so chaotic compared to IG. I feel like Facebook is like walking into WalMart--I have to be there sometimes, but would rather be at Target. 😂

Any others? I am open to suggestions! 


Star Member

I have worked in marketing for photographers via social for many years now - I certainly have a love/hate relationship! 

IG has gotten super frustrating - it's a challenge to even get your work SEEN! 

I have to say, the place I see the most growth and community is TikTok... @erinoutdoors could also probably speak to this but it's a great place to grow. And I think there are a ton of people on the app looking to learn the techniques you're talking about. Overwhelming to start on a new app - but I think it will have what you're looking for! 

Oops, I didn't even think of that one! I know I should try there.  Oh, to learn new things! 

Leading Creator

There has been a lot written about the negative impact of social media recently. Well-known thought leaders like Cal Newport and Jaron Lanier have covered the issues extensively.  At its core, social media modifies your behavior to get you to spend more time on a screen so that Meta, Bytedance, Twitter, and Youtube can sell ads against your data and/or attention. I think most insidious for photographers though is that the algorithm becomes your editor punishing or rewarding you in a way that changes how and what you shoot. My human editors always cared about me and my career. Mark Zuckerberg does not. The fact that you have to shoot reels now on IG whether you want to or not is the perfect example of what I'm talking about.

The social media that makes the most sense to me is Linkedin because it's a place where business happens and people are being professional. It's a place I can link to finished projects, not just a single image. It's a place where every client I have ever worked with is there to connect and do business. To me, social is not a quantity game, it's a quality game. I would rather have 1000 connections I have worked with in a professional capacity and could potentially hire me than 1M followers who can't hire me.

To me, Linkedin is worth considering. It just messes with your well-being a lot less than the alternatives. Check it out.

This is brilliant and much food for thought! Thank you!