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What is Your Favorite Sony Lens for Capturing Sun Stars?

Key Contributor

I have been shooting my new a7RV and captured this sun star in a sea cave along the California Central Coast. I used my Sony 12-24mm. My 14mm f/1.8 is another fav for sun stars. What lens are you using?

Late Afternoon and Sunset Light From Sea Cave at Low Tide, Pismo Beach, California-WEB.jpg


Mover & Shaker

The 12-24mm GM was my favorite lens for sun stars. I really need to grab another one at some point 😍

It is amazing - especially for a zoom

Prime Creator

My 24mm GM lens does nice sun stars. I have not tried my 24-70mm GM II yet but i will give it a try soon.

I used to have the 24mm for a night lens but sold it once I got the 14mm f/1.8