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What is Your Favorite Time of the Day to Photograph Landscapes?

Key Contributor

I hate getting up early but I do it a lot as I love shooting sunrises... The air is clear and cold and the light is so special. What is your favorite time to photograph landscapes? Here is one of my favorite Yosemite sunrise images. I arrived at dark at Tunnel View and waiting for the light...

Tunnel View Sunrise WEB.jpg


Prime Creator

For me it really depends on the landscape!

Prime Creator

I try both sunrise and sunset. At sunrise if the temperature change is dramatic and the air humid you can get some great ground fog. Sunset is easier because you are not stumbling around in darkness!!!

I am with you on the ground fog Ira - won't ge3t that at sunset. The dark is an issue on both ends of the day but a small headlamp is a must 🙂

Leading Creator

I’m a sunrise fan. Like you, not a huge fan of getting up early, but I always enjoy the quiet of a sunrise. Many places get more crowded at sunset. When I look through my favorite photos, more of them are at sunrise than sunset, but I have no idea if it’s any better or worse.