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What is your go-to aperture?

Prime Creator

I was always a person who shot wide open. I love my 1.2 lens, but this last year I tried something different. I shot at f14 nearly all year. I wanted to get more details. I grew to love it so much, even though it was starkly opposite of my past tendencies. 

What is your favorite aperture and why? 

Florals at f14Florals at f14


Key Contributor

As a landscape photographer, I begin every scene at f/11 (just a little mental reminder to myself to think about depth-of -field) then I adjust as the composition dictates...

Do you ever have to do focus stacking? 

Mover & Shaker

Depends what I am photographing. If it is an event  like a wedding it will be wide open or maybe 1 or 2 stops down for group photos or details  where I need more depth of field.  I also do landscape where the starting point is F11 and then you adjust depending on the mood/feel I want.  For BIF with a long telephoto (200-600) I will try to get F8 so I have enough depth to get detail beyond the eye.

Rising Star

I love wide open...  whatever the lens 🙂