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What is your go-to method for sharpening for print?

Prime Creator

I tend to not sharpen for print, which may be a horribly bad habit! What is your workflow for print? 


Prime Creator

I feel like shooting with a1 and a7RIV, with the Sony lenses I don't need to sharpen for printing most of the time. When I do sharpen I usually use the high pass filter with soft light or overly as a layer

That is kind of why I ask. I feel I haven't needed it with how sharp the files are out of camera! 

Prime Creator

Hey Caroline! 🙂 
If I’m printing I usually bring the photo in to Photoshop and just apply another round of Unsharp Mask or Smart Sharpen (both are pretty close) to the photo so it visibly looks over sharpened on screen. That usually products a really great looking print, but not something I’d share online, because it usually has a few halos and sharpening artifacts (that will get smoothed out in the print). But you and Tony are right. The photos are so sharp these days that they don’t require the sharpening we used to need. If it’s sharp coming out of the camera, you could do nothing and the print would still look great. And if it’s not sharp coming out of the camera, I don’t think any sharpening tool will make it look sharp (and realistic). 

Prime Creator

We don’t sharpen our images and we print EVERYTHING!  And oftentimes, really LARGE! The Sony files always look great.