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What is Your Next "BUCKET LIST LOCATION" To Photograph?

Key Contributor

I am just returning from my second International Workshop that I have taught with my partner Ron Modra in the past 5 weeks. I am currently in DFW International awaiting my last leg home to the Central California Coast. We are returning from a really fun workshop in Patagonia (El Calafate, El Chalten and Torres del Paine) and prior to that were in the Scottish Highlands. Next up in less than two weeks is Monument Valley - environmental portraiture of the native Navajos and capturing the fantastic landscape... Where is your next BUCKET LIST LOCATION?


Prime Creator

I have a long bucket list! But I would say the top right now is the highland games in Scotland. And since I'm there, I want to shoot fog, sunrise and sunset scenes of the Loch Ness monster lake and castle.

I was just there for two weeks leading a workshop with my partner Ron Modra - got everything you are talking about - I highly recommend the Highlands and Isle of Lewis and Harris!

I saw your workshop for the trip, but I'm constrained with when I can leave for long duration and long distance trips. I haven't made real plans for Scotland, other than the bucket list, but there are so many places including Lewis and Harris that I want to see. 

Are there other location or events around the highland games? Say 2-3 hour drive.

Prime Creator

My bucket list is in my backyard, haha! I want to set up decent blinds for birding this coming year. I also am hoping to finally photograph my flower farm with something other than my phone, haha!