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What lens are you wishing Sony would create?

Prime Creator

I have a hankering for a 300 f4 and possibly a tilt shift. 🙂 Is there anything you wish Sony would produce? 


Prime Creator

Ooo theres actually a few lens I wish Sony would create!
I hope Sony can create a GM version of the:
1. FE 24-240mm ( Except the GM version having a consistent f/2.8 and be compatible with a TC. This GM version would be the perfect all-in-one travel lens. I wouldn't have to constantly swap lens and can travel light with just one.
2. If Sony can make the lens above except starting at 12 or 16mm to 240mm that would be great too! 🙂

Star Member

Oh my gosh I was just wishing this morning that Sony would make a wide angle macro - like a 15mm with a close focusing distance. I love that style and I'm sure Sony would make a fantastic one!

I totally agree! 

Prime Creator

After the 300mm f/2.8 announcement I was happy to finally "complete" my gear. I mentioned this is an earlier thread, my ultimate prime setup is 35mm, 135mm and 300mm. I can do a lot with only those 3 lenses while traveling. If I would buy extras, I would like an updated 16-35mm GM and 85mm f/1.2.