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What New Locations Do You Hope To Photograph In 2023?

Key Contributor

My wife Beri and I are already looking at new areas to visit and photograph this upcoming year. Two that come to mind are Glacier NP this October and Australia's Great Ocean Road in June. How about you? Where are you hoping to go this year? Greenland and Vietnam are also on my list - so many locations...


Prime Creator

Those sound like great locations! I was actually having a hard time deciding between Greenland and Svalbard. I ended up choosing Svalbard for this June for the wildlife. Also planning for Japan in March/April for the Cherry Blossom season.

I think Greenland will be added soon - my wife in interested in going also so that is a plus!


Within China, I would like to make it to Inner Mongolia.  Outside of mainland China, I would like to go to Iceland and/or Thailand.  This summer I'm heading back to the US for a couple weeks and I plan on roadtripping through the south.  Not sure what to do yet, but soon, very soon...

Key Contributor

On my bucket list also Horn