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What photography accessory can you not live without??

Prime Creator

I hate that mine is so simple, but it is an apron. 😂 I lay on the ground all the time and learned that a repurposed kitchen apron is a valuable asset for every shoot. 


Leading Creator

A sturdy travel umbrella. I use one made by Repel. Just spent 3+ weeks shooting in Iceland and it is meant to protect my gear - especially the lenses from getting spotted with rain and/or wet snow. As long as there is not a ton of wind, it works great!

Prime Creator

My AirPods pro. In sporting venues, I turn on noise cancellation and they protect my ears. While traveling or just walking and taking pictures, I love to listen to some podcasts. And I have a growing playlist for editing. 

That is a great idea! Thank you! 

Top Contributor

A fanny pack. I used to lose lens caps like crazy, but I started wearing a runners fanny pack while I'm doing a session and I haven't lost one in a while.