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What recharges your creativity?

Prime Creator

What do you do to recharge your creativity?

There are times where I feel creatively stagnant, or like I am in a rut, doing the same thing over and over. I firmly believe that we can all constantly grow and improve so I am always looking for a way to breakthrough those moments.  

Some of the things that sometimes help me

Making photos wrong, intentionally doing things that won't give me the "correct result". Maybe a super long shutter speed handheld, being way out of focus etc. Most of the time the photos aren't very good, but they can be fun.

Watching movies with really good cinematography is often inspiring for me.

Looking at archival photos and seeing what people did with photography when it was much harder.

I would love to hear some of your tips to break out of a creative rut?


Prime Creator

I love to go to art museums! The Met has been my favorite spot lately. 🙂 

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Key Contributor

I start a photographic project. My friend and former Sports Illustrated staffer Ron Modra taught me this. He has one incredible project he worked on called "The Blues" where he photographed as many blues players from BB King to kids in dingy bars. Did it all in B&W. There is a link on my YouTube site. Says it kept him creative during his off time... Personally - I am working on a Infrared Project from a IR-Converted Sony aIII.

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Mover & Shaker

One thing that has worked for me is to create a challenge, for example take a lens I use less frequently and go out to take photos with just that lens. For example for for a walk in the woods/local town center with a 200-600, instead of a wide angle or normal lens that you would most likely use, or take a really wide lens like a 12mm.  Beside being fun, you will force yourself to look at the surroundings in a way you did not before, especially if it is a location you have been to many times.

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Prime Creator

I love to go to art museums! The Met has been my favorite spot lately. 🙂 

That is a great one! The Met is fantastic!

I love art museums and go as often as I can - usually in Santa Barbara and the Getty Museum in LA. It reignites my soul!

The Getty is amazing! What do you recommend in Santa Barbara?