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What's your favorite setup for portraits on the go?

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I've been trying to figure out what the best setup is for on-the-go lighting for a 1-person show. I want to keep things simple but I also need a solid solution for both stills and video (since I want to capture both at the same time). I'm curious if anyone has used the Amaran 60d in either a studio or outdoor setting and if it was viable or what else might be a good choice for this type of shooting. I'm using the A1 and A7RV in the images below utilizing a single light / reflective light. 332880616_616352056972612_4122501541931975745_n.jpeg

Sony A7RV + 50mm 1.5GMSony A7RV + 50mm 1.5GM


Prime Creator

For a constant light on the go I use the Light & Motion CLx10

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I was just using the Nanlites at the flower show. They are pretty powerful! 

Yeah, loving my nanlights too! They're the best!

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StellaPro reflex was recommended to me for best hybrid option. I haven't bought it yet as I haven't truly ventured into video.