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Where is Your #1 Place You'd Like to Photograph in 2023?

Key Contributor

I am already making a list of places to visit for 2023 - most are places I've never been. Most are in the desert southwest. However - I really want to make it a point to get to Glacier NP in the fall in 2023.

What is/are some places you hope to get to this upcoming year?


Prime Creator

Mine would be Mount Rainier. I lived in Seattle for about 2 years, but never got the chance to even go there. It would be perfect for shooting and family vacation this summer.

I've always wanted to shoot there in the springtime LensBrew - the wildflowers are insane!

I'm not really a flora person, but I understand the captivation. I have this weird awe and love for mountains, especially ones covered with snow. That's why this mountain I need cross off, because I used to live there and feel I didn't really accomplish anything in life by not capturing it.


Being utterly realistic and picking a place that I have already been to, I'd love to go back to Madera Canyon, Arizona, during the high hummingbird season. I've never been to a place with more diversity and quantity in one spot.