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Which is more Fun, Paid or Unpaid Photography

Prime Creator

Even after more than a decade of all kinds of Photo sessions, gaping the camera and doing some macro shots in the backyard or go to the park and shoot some squirrels and birds is more fun to do.

Do you prefer doing paid work or unpaid?


Prime Creator

Unpaid to make, but paid when selling the final images and products. I don't like to shoot under pressure. 🙂 

I totally agree, working under pressure is never fun, especially when the client thinks just because they have a camera on their phone they know photography too

Prime Creator

I sell my backyard images! It is way more fun to shoot for fun and then try and figure out how to sell it all later, haha! 


Paid gets you places that otherwise would be inaccessible. I think for the Sports side I would say Paid is more fun! Also, I like the pressure of having to deliver. MGU01229-Edit.jpg