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Which is preferable - the Electronic Viewfinder or Monitor when composing an image

Prime Creator

Since i am a veteran photographer from the ancient days of film, I prefer shooting using the electronic viewfinder. Of course I use the monitor if I am doing a high angle or low angle shot. When I am shooting portraits on a tripod the monitor is very helpful. In this situation, the monitor gives me the ability to interact 'face to face' with my subjects and capture their best expression.

If I am hand holding the camera and the subject is moving or I am moving, I find the viewfinder helps me obtain a more precise composition. The other advantage to the viewfinder is that when you shoot at slow shutter speeds, bracing the camera against your face with your elbows close to your body gives you the ultimate support for a steady image. If you are holding the camera in front of you looking at the monitor you are definitely going to be shaky.

Which do you prefer, and why?


Prime Creator

I'm old school and still love the viewfinder! But......maybe it's because I need my glasses to see the monitor! 😂 But I agree, it just feels more comfortable and stable. Weird since we are using the "monitor" all day when we take photos on our cell phones!!

Yes, from the world of cellphones i think many photographers have gravitated towards the monitor. But i feel much better with the viewfinder 😆

Key Contributor

I agree with you and @monica Ira. I am EVF all the way... Being a landscape photographer, the edges are very important to me and looking through the EVF with my non-shooting eye closed down, I can see my edges very clearly. I try to eliminate bright tones and parts of external elements that don't belong.

Prime Creator

For me it really depends, I find that using the monitor can make it easier to stay engaged with my subject. A little like when I would use the waist level finder on a Hasselblad