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Would welcome some feedback…


Was down at the Savannah, GA riverfront yesterday and was looking for good examples of a Christmas-ee bokeh shot and saw this young lady relaxing on the bench next to me. I shot this ala “street photography” mode in that she didn’t see it coming, but I did go up and shared with her afterwards. She liked it. I like it. Thoughts?



Prime Creator

It has sort of a surreal feel to it, almost like infrared.

I like it, but might consider leveling the horizon.

Key Contributor

Wonderful capture, I absolutely LOVE Savannah, I have family that lives there. Love the original historic cobble path in the photo. Looks great!

Leading Creator

Hi. I think overall it has a nice look to it. Technically everything is great, except as Tony mentioned it is crooked, so you'd want to straighten it. 

For me personally, it doesn't signify any connection with anything but a phone. I guess that's life, so if that's what you're looking to capture it does the job. But a photo of a person sitting on a bench looking at a phone, doesn't necessarily resonate with me. Thanks.