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 Hi, everyone thank you for stopping by.  This is an experiment and a submission for a chance to win the one of 6 Sony ZV-E10 Cameras.  I was once very passionate about shooting film back in highschool 06'.  Developing film and learning the skill of dodging and burning my photographs provoked my interests in pursuing photography as a hobby.  Years have passed and I finally decided to purchase an XQ-CQ62 with intent to explore a hobby that I have always enjoyed.  Now, I'm back on Android after being on iOs for some years.  There is a decent learning curve on top of understanding digital photography on a Photo Pro app by Sony.  Wish me the best and happy shooting.  Attached is a photo that was captured by me using the Sony Xperia 5 IV in pursuit of grasping the essence of my style that I am learning to remember.  I hope this photo, for as basic as it may seem, reveals to you the complexity of making the attempt to smooth out any difficulties in my day-to-day.                                                                                            #Sony #XQ-CQ62                                     f/1.7 • 1/320 • 5.11mm • ISO800