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Your 1st Paid Photo Session

Prime Creator

Hello Alpha Universe,

Tell us about your 1st paid photo session, and what gear you used for it?

My first photo session was with Sony nex 5n and the kit lens, it was for a kid's first birthday back in 2012, I had to google some Ideas and we did it in a public park with some cake and balloons and ended it with the cake smash.


Top Contributor

My first paid session was with the Sony A6000 and the kit lens. It was a family session in the park. 

The a6000 was a great camera, it got me my first published picture, but not with the kit lens 

Prime Creator

I was paid $40 to photograph a futon and frame for the company that makes it. It was back in 1995 I think, with an old film camera. I did a terrible job!

I always wanted to learn how to develop film, and actually was thinking about getting a film camera and learn how to develop the film and all that, so I looked it up a couple years ago and i'm so happy we are digital now