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Andy Mann Filmmaking Tips

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Hey all! 

This article with @AndyMann's filmmaking tips was recently published: 

It's so cool to hear his perspective on things - I love his thoughts on playing the director as well as utilizing blue hour. Thanks for sharing the tips Andy! 

Do you all utilize these techniques already? What other tips would you share with newer filmmakers?


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This is great. So much solid advice in Andy's piece on Alpha Universe.




Thanks David! Thanks brooke for the awesome discussion and for sharing it here! 


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Lovely writeup!  I also use a Ready-Rig like Andy for most of my work.  Though, I recently also got a Segway Mini with off road wheels for some smooth movement along distances.  

I think Andy covered much of the tips I'd suggest, but I'd add to use CPL's when in full sun to reduce glare.  

Oh that's a good one! 

I was interested in how Andy handholds his interviews - I love that look. It never occurred to me - probably because I was always taught that everything needed to be steady on a tripod! I like the "floating feel" though - so I'm working on unlearning