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What's your favorite video editor to use?

There's always a hot debate when you talk to filmmakers about their editor of choice and I'm curious what everyone prefers using when cutting those long-gop formats from the A7SIII/A1 line-up. I was an Adobe guy for almost 20 years but made the switc...

Some differences between still photography and filmmaking

Like many people, I came to filmmaking after a long background in still photography and thought this automatically meant I knew a lot about filmmaking. I’m continually humbled by how different the disciplines of cinematography and still photography a...

Sony a6400 focusing issues

Hi allApologies if this has been asked / answered elsewhere, but some advice would be welcome.Obviously, as the subject says, I am using the a6400 to shoot video. However, I have a problem that is really driving me insane. When I shooting footage I c...

Looking to shift more toward video and trying to upgrade

I've decided I want to focus more on video in the future.  I was originally looking at the fx3 and fx30 to have more of a dedicated video camera separate from my photo work – i find that i tend to mess things up when I try to switch back and forth be...

Selling/Licensing your content as stock!

For anyone looking to make money in the photo/video world these days, it's all about monetizing your content and being consistent with how you market it. When I first started licensing out content almost 2 decades ago it was a very long and tedious p...

Choosing a pro mist filter for my sony lens

Hello, I have been looking around for a decent pro mist filter for create a soft dreamy, cinematic effect for my video/photo. And was wondering, which filter to get? 1/8 or 1/4 for sony 50 1.8f

What is your favorite video editor? Newbie here!

I am actually making video mockups for print on demand products. That means I need to crop the video to meet the requirements of place the product is going to be listed...eBay, Etsy, Amazon, etc. I want a basic editor that isn't complicated. I have P...

The guide to everyday content

I've been shooting Sony a long time, and this is something that I've not seen a single YouTube video about, or anyone else talk about. Obviously I shoot commercial client work with Lux Production House. I also shoot day to day content of the gym I ow...

Orchestral music

Came across ZV-E10 during my research for recording music video, I have another older Sony camera for recording at the moment, but really wish to upgrade for the higher resolution and better quality recording.  I will keep my fingers crossed to win o...

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Sharing my new film

Hey all! I had my second film recently released and I thought I'd share it here! I'd love to hear what y'all think! I shot this on the Alpha 7R IV (a7RIV) and my associate producer used his Alpha 9 II (a9II). This was a really personal project so it'...


Purchased the FX6 about 3 months ago. I had watch a bunch of youtube videos about the differences between the A7Siii and the FX3. Since i was already an owner of the A7Siii. I decided to get the FX6 instead of the FX3.**bleep**,am i happy about that....

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This is your year. Go make your filmmaker dreams happen.

Hi, My name is Raphael. East coast based photo/filmmaker. I do brand photography for companies and marketing campaigns.I began my journey as someone who just loved being the observer. I watched countless videos of creatives from YouTube, Vimeo and of...

New Documentary shot on Sony FS7

A film I DP'd and produced, GOOD OL GIRL, is available now!GOOD OL GIRL is a documentary western following a band of Texas cowgirls as they hustle for land, cattle, and respect across Texas.Shot almost entirely on the FS7, with a couple A7S shots as ...