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Using ZV-1 as a web cam

Does anyone have any experience using the ZV-1 as a webcam? This would be instead of using a laptop's built-in camera and more for a desktop.  I'm thinking of better video resolution and audio quality by using the ZV-1.  Any thoughts?

Understanding Cine EI

Alright fam, just need some assurance I'm getting this correct about Cine EI. I have a FX3.  800/12800 base isos.Regardless of the iso that you are in Low or High, changing the EI in either direction is not changing the iso being recorded, it's givin...

What's your favorite mirrorless to use for productions?

Every time I go out on set I have to determine if I want to shoot video on my A7S3 or my A1 and I'm curious if anyone else has trouble figuring out which one is best for the job! I use to the A7S3 quite a lot for video since that's what it's designed...

The Voyage: Season 1 - Shot on Sony Alpha

Myself and the SeaLegacy team are currently underway with production for Season 2 of Sony's 'The Voyage" following myself, Paul Nicklen, Cristina Mittermeier and our local partners aboard our solar-powered sailboat, working on conservation projects a...

Timelapse in 8k

61MP is a fantastic resolution for 8k timelapse, it gives you an opportunity to crop in and fix camera shake. Who wants to discuss timelapses?  

Do you prefer a Matte box or a rear-clip-in filter for NDS?

I've been finding myself using clip-in filters quite a bit recently, especially for my wider lenses like the 14mm and 12-24mm. I use to use a bunch of giant matte boxes to cover the different sizes of lenses in my arsenal but I'm finding them to be m...

A7S for Cine shooting

HiNow that the A7S-III has been out for a while -I still own and shoot with the A7S-II.  For 4K recording I have been using stand alone recording devices like Atomos.I know a number of people who have made the switch to the III body but they still ow...

HDcine by Newbie
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Camera Entry/ Influencer Questions

Hello, I am new to the community on this website, I came here trying to find out information on how to work with Sony and my social media accounts. I really enjoy using sony gear, its my favorite so far. The color science is mind blowing. If anybody ...

bts1992 by Newbie
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About the Sony Fx30 And Fx3

This Pertains to Both The Sony FX3 and FX30.So both camera's are great i mostly use the Sony Fx30 and it does a great job, they are a couple things about it that i notice and i'm asking any one who owns the Sony Fx30 to help me here so we can get Son...

Video Thumbnails

SpoilerSo I have a Sony a7iv and the video thumbnails don’t show up on my pc or laptop (windows 10). I record in 1080 hd xavc s 10bit 422. This is not an issue for any of my other cameras such as the a7ii or my a6500. I am able to see thumbnails from...

ShawnL by Newbie
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Working with others to create epic scenes! (For Video & photo)

I recently got the opportunity to work with a good friend showcasing her talents and abilities and it was really fun getting to see how we each worked. It was a first for me (I usually work independently) but it was refreshing to learn some new tips ...


Resolved! What picture profile do you like the most for Video?

I'm always a fan of being able to control my highlights, mid-tones, and shadows in post so I usually do most of my filming in S-LOG3/S-Gamut3.Cine. I'm curious how many people shoot in PP11 (S-Cinetone) vs PP7/8 (SLOG2/3) and why. Do you like doing y...

Different perspectives for Video and Photo

One of the biggest challenges (as I see) for photographers and cinematographers is coming up with new and interesting compositions. I've recently started to use more graphical lenses (35mm, 50mm) to film a lot of my shots so they're more compact and ...

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Thoughts on the new A7RV launch video?

Hey Everyone!Hoping on the say "happy launch week!."  The A7RV really is a beast of a camera. I was lucky enough to use it for a few weeks, shooting the a bunch of the launch video for Curt Morgan and Sony Alpha Films. Let me know what you thought of...

Choosing the right monitor (for photo and video)

A question I get at least 2 or 3 times a week is 'what type of monitor' should be used for the best processing of color when it comes to grading photos and video. While there's no one model or brand that I will say does it all (cheaply, with solid co...