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New Documentary shot on Sony FS7

A film I DP'd and produced, GOOD OL GIRL, is available now!GOOD OL GIRL is a documentary western following a band of Texas cowgirls as they hustle for land, cattle, and respect across Texas.Shot almost entirely on the FS7, with a couple A7S shots as ...

Unleash Your Inner Vlogger with the Sony ZV-E10

Looking to become the next big thing on YouTube or Instagram? The Sony ZV-E10 camera is your secret weapon. With its compact size and amazing features, you'll be able to create content that will make your followers laugh, cry, and maybe even cringe a...

New G-Master "PERSPECTIVES" episode - Paul Nicklen. THOUGHTS?

Hey there Sony Alphers!We just dropped a new G-Master Lens episode on Sony Alpha youtube. directed, shot and edited this one. I'm very proud of it. It's not often that a filmmaker can make branded content l...

Sony A7iii - Changed My World

Since changing to a mirrorless Sony A7 iii, my wedding videography has skyrocketed and my love for video has grown exponentially. I am now getting into Corporate Video and my A7iii is taking me places! Next is documentaries!What I wouldn't give to up...

Celestial Events: 2020 Geminids Meteor Shower in Real Time

Shooting stars captured with real time, 24fps 4K video from the Kohala coast of Hawaii’s Big Island during the peak night of the 2020 meteor shower.Fellow filmmaker, Lance Page and I stayed up all night filming this meteor shower in ProRes Raw using ...

SkyMakai by Rising Star
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FX6 Recording Options to be Updated?

I just bought the FX6 and am having a great time getting to know the camera.Compared to the FX3/A7SIII, it's fantastic having a REAL info-display SDI/HDMI output... not that cropped stuff from the FX3/A7SIII.  I'm only finding a couple issues with it...

SkyMakai by Rising Star
  • 2 replies

Would love constructive feedback on my time lapse project!

Hi all,Here is a link to my latest time lapse project "Canyons and Dust", shot on Sony A7RIII, A7RIV, A7III, FX3's in the American Southwest. I would love any feedback you might have so I can keep improving my skills. Many thanks!Richard

Fierce Beauty - Kilauea Eruption Jan, 5 2023

A recent personal project of mine, documenting some of the most recent volcanic activity at Hawai'i's Kilauea Volcano, near my home.  We were able to document much of the Mauna Loa eruption, and will be releasing a short documentary soon.Shot on the ...

SkyMakai by Rising Star
  • 4 replies

The Airpeak just keeps getting better and better!

Spent the last couple of days playing around with the most recent firmware update for the Airpeak and I have to say that the drone is a night and day difference in terms of performance from where it was a year ago. I love being able to mix and match ...

Long term storage for Video and Photo

I've seen a lot of questions regarding the best way to back up, store, and manage content (both photos and videos). If you haven't already looked into a DAS (Direct Attached Storage) or NAS (Network Attached Storage) there are a ton of options out th...

Transcending from a moment in time to video explanations

After photographing for decades, beginning in BnW film then to digital, almost all my works have been a capture of a moment in time, light and space. Now I've begun exploring video to fill in the before, during and post moments in time. The A1 is a f...

Sony OTC hearing aids as live audio monitor

I have a Sony FX30 camera and Sony CRE-E10 hearing aids. Both are bluetooth compatible. Both communicate with an iPhone. It sure would be great if I could monitor my camera's audio in my hearing aids while shooting. Does anyone know if it can be done...

Resolved! Wedding Filmmakers: Sony 20-70 F4 vs the Sony 24-70 F2.8 II

What are your thoughts on using the new 20-70 F4 vs the 24-70 F 2.8 II for wedding filmmaking specifically the tradeoff of getting more reach on the wider end versus the change in aperture. The weight differential seems negligible to switch as well. ...