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Naritive Videography in the face of A.I.

I think most Videographers have been keeping their eye on new camera technology for years now and wondering when phones might replace more traditional cameras ... but then ... A.I. blasted on the scene and gave us all something new to keep our eye on...

ubiFire by Newbie
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Here to get a chance to win the ZVE10

I have been working on social media for a while and have been using my phone for everything. I am currently a student studying film production in Miami Florida.It would be a big step up winning the Sony ZVE10. It would mean a lot and I know it can ta...

What documentaries inspire you?

Have you all seen Nate Luebbe's most recent film? I love the citizen science piece of it (being a hug science nerd myself). I am also fascinated with the logistics of filming in such a remote area. What documentaries inspire you the most? I love seei...


I want to make some commercial short videos with stop motion and I know there are several programs to do so... any suggestions??? and why do you like that program Cheers

Ugolz by Newbie
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Best decision I made !

SpoilerHey guys! Finally part of this community. It’s been an amazing journey since I bought my first professional camera back in 2019 (sony a7iii)right now I’m shooting with an FX3 (WHICH I INSANELY LOVE) but I also love traveling and doing vlogs, I...

YouTuber on the rise!

Hello my name is Hunter Stewart. I am a student who is also running a YouTube channel covering tech products. I started in September of last year and have gained 308 subscribers up until this point. I would love to have a full setup decked out with S...

5 seconds a day of video

Several years ago, for a year, I shot at least 5 seconds of video every day. Then put them together into monthly videos. I plan to do that again in January 2023 and will share. I would love to see what other fun video projects you have for 2023!As an...

tonygale by Prime Creator
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Video Focusing Mistakes

For those interested in shooting more video in 2023, I wanted to share some common video focusing mistakes new video shooters make and tips to help! Let me know if you find this helpful and if you might've made some of these mistakes - I know I defin...

Andy Mann Filmmaking Tips

Hey all! This article with @AndyMann's filmmaking tips was recently published: It's so cool to hear his perspective on things - I love his thoughts on playing...

Active stabilization corrects lens distortion?

I noticed that when enabling active stabilization, it not only crops by 10%, but also corrects lens distortion. When at 24mm, there's visible distortion on the sides then when active stabilization is enabled, the lines become straight. In this exampl...

Do you prefer a Matte box or a rear-clip-in filter for NDS?

I've been finding myself using clip-in filters quite a bit recently, especially for my wider lenses like the 14mm and 12-24mm. I use to use a bunch of giant matte boxes to cover the different sizes of lenses in my arsenal but I'm finding them to be m...

Turning nightmare travel around when you're on the road

I just spent/had the worst production travel experience of my life. We had 3 planes get canceled back to back (each a day apart) and throughout the process, we had to travel to 2 different airports 3 hours away. I lost so much time and was so angry a...

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Where are some of your favorite cold weather locations to film?

I've spent the last 3 weeks traveling all over the Pacific Northwest and have found that I've fallen in love with winter landscapes from all forms of environments. I'm currently in Banff and using the A7RV with the 50mm 1.2GM and the colors, textures...


New Sony "G-Master Perspectives" episode from Vietnam

We just launched a new Sony Alpha "G-Master Perspectives" episode following photographer L. Renee Blount through the world's largest cave, Son Doong Cave, in Vietnam. We filmed the whole spot on the new A7RV.Let me know what you think!Cheers! 

Heading out to an assignment where traveling light is important

For my travel documentary show, Off the Beaten Path, on, I'll be spending 4 days this coming week documenting life on a remote island, Monhegan, about 14 miles off the coast of Maine. It's a beautiful island that has been occupied since ...

BobKrist by Star Member
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