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Heading out to an assignment where traveling light is important

For my travel documentary show, Off the Beaten Path, on, I'll be spending 4 days this coming week documenting life on a remote island, Monhegan, about 14 miles off the coast of Maine. It's a beautiful island that has been occupied since ...

BobKrist by Star Member
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Understanding Cine EI

Alright fam, just need some assurance I'm getting this correct about Cine EI. I have a FX3.  800/12800 base isos.Regardless of the iso that you are in Low or High, changing the EI in either direction is not changing the iso being recorded, it's givin...

Xperia Pro-I not recognizing audio from XLR-K3M on a7IV

I'm having a tough time figuring out how to get the Xperia Pro-I to recognize the audio that the XLR-K3M is capturing through the a7IV. The Xperia is connected to a7 via USB-C (t3) so it's not a cable issue. No matter what I try, the "External Monito...

Using ZV-1 as a web cam

Does anyone have any experience using the ZV-1 as a webcam? This would be instead of using a laptop's built-in camera and more for a desktop.  I'm thinking of better video resolution and audio quality by using the ZV-1.  Any thoughts?

What's your favorite mirrorless to use for productions?

Every time I go out on set I have to determine if I want to shoot video on my A7S3 or my A1 and I'm curious if anyone else has trouble figuring out which one is best for the job! I use to the A7S3 quite a lot for video since that's what it's designed...

The Voyage: Season 1 - Shot on Sony Alpha

Myself and the SeaLegacy team are currently underway with production for Season 2 of Sony's 'The Voyage" following myself, Paul Nicklen, Cristina Mittermeier and our local partners aboard our solar-powered sailboat, working on conservation projects a...

Timelapse in 8k

61MP is a fantastic resolution for 8k timelapse, it gives you an opportunity to crop in and fix camera shake. Who wants to discuss timelapses?  

A7S for Cine shooting

HiNow that the A7S-III has been out for a while -I still own and shoot with the A7S-II.  For 4K recording I have been using stand alone recording devices like Atomos.I know a number of people who have made the switch to the III body but they still ow...

HDcine by Newbie
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Camera Entry/ Influencer Questions

Hello, I am new to the community on this website, I came here trying to find out information on how to work with Sony and my social media accounts. I really enjoy using sony gear, its my favorite so far. The color science is mind blowing. If anybody ...

bts1992 by Member
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About the Sony Fx30 And Fx3

This Pertains to Both The Sony FX3 and FX30.So both camera's are great i mostly use the Sony Fx30 and it does a great job, they are a couple things about it that i notice and i'm asking any one who owns the Sony Fx30 to help me here so we can get Son...

Video Thumbnails

SpoilerSo I have a Sony a7iv and the video thumbnails don’t show up on my pc or laptop (windows 10). I record in 1080 hd xavc s 10bit 422. This is not an issue for any of my other cameras such as the a7ii or my a6500. I am able to see thumbnails from...

ShawnL by Newbie
  • 3 replies

Working with others to create epic scenes! (For Video & photo)

I recently got the opportunity to work with a good friend showcasing her talents and abilities and it was really fun getting to see how we each worked. It was a first for me (I usually work independently) but it was refreshing to learn some new tips ...


Resolved! What picture profile do you like the most for Video?

I'm always a fan of being able to control my highlights, mid-tones, and shadows in post so I usually do most of my filming in S-LOG3/S-Gamut3.Cine. I'm curious how many people shoot in PP11 (S-Cinetone) vs PP7/8 (SLOG2/3) and why. Do you like doing y...

Different perspectives for Video and Photo

One of the biggest challenges (as I see) for photographers and cinematographers is coming up with new and interesting compositions. I've recently started to use more graphical lenses (35mm, 50mm) to film a lot of my shots so they're more compact and ...

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