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Thoughts on the new A7RV launch video?

Hey Everyone!Hoping on the say "happy launch week!."  The A7RV really is a beast of a camera. I was lucky enough to use it for a few weeks, shooting the a bunch of the launch video for Curt Morgan and Sony Alpha Films. Let me know what you thought of...

Choosing the right monitor (for photo and video)

A question I get at least 2 or 3 times a week is 'what type of monitor' should be used for the best processing of color when it comes to grading photos and video. While there's no one model or brand that I will say does it all (cheaply, with solid co...

Best lenses for VIDEO... and go....!

I've always found primes to be my favorite types of video lenses because it forces me to move around my subject and my scene, rather than using a zoom to recompose and reframe. That being said, I think my all-time favorite video lens is the 24-105G, ...


To shoot 8k or not too!? That is the question...

One of the biggest benefits to using the Alpha 1 (that I see) is its ability to capture 8k video in full 4:2:2 color, something you can't really do with any other Sony camera, aside from the Venice 2.  I often have other shooters tell me they don't s...

NewZealandReflection2-7a.jpg NewZealandReflection2-7.jpg

Favorite Cinematographers

It's always interesting to me how great cinematographers understand and admire the work of great still photographers but still photographers who begin shooting motion don't often take the time to understand the work and craft of great cinematographer...

HDMI output not working when using pc remote

Hey,So I was using my a6400 on pc remote mode and controlling it on a laptop via USB and remote application. when I tried connecting the HDMI to a Second laptop using HDMI capture card there was no HDMI output it was just black. However once  I disco...

Documentary Filmmaking & Business

Hi, I'm Sony Artisan David McLain and happy to share creative and technical information on documentary filmmaking with the Alpha 7S III (a7SIII) and FX9#. I just finished shooting 12 short films that explore health equity in America and have experien...

Sony Alpha systems for professional filmmaking

Hi Alpha users!!!!Andy Mann here, Sony Artisan of Imagery, and user of Sony's mirrorless systems since 2014 for filmmaking. I know the systems, inside and out, and would love to hear about your experiences in the video world. I hope to offer any advi...

Underwater video/photography

I set my a7c to auto underwater white balance shot in raw for my underwater scuba video and photos.  Can i still edited effectively?

Airpeak - game changer!

Watching the Airpeak demos at Kando - definately a game changer and better than my Mavic 3 CINE by a mile.#sonykandotrip #airpeak #sonyairpeak