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Choosing the right monitor (for photo and video)

Leading Creator

A question I get at least 2 or 3 times a week is 'what type of monitor' should be used for the best processing of color when it comes to grading photos and video. While there's no one model or brand that I will say does it all (cheaply, with solid color, and future proof) some things you want to look out for when getting a monitor would be the following; Make sure it has at least 98-100% of the DCI-P3 color space, 100% sRGB, 100% AdobeRGB. If you're planning on grading professional HDR video, also make sure it has at least 1000 nits and a BT.2020 color range of at least 80-85%. Another important aspect is the type of monitor screen you select, it goes (in terms of quality) LCD < LED < IPS < IPS BLACK < OLED. In terms of screen quality OLED will almost always beat out anything else on the market, followed by the new re-designed IPS BLACK which is kind of like the goldilocks of screen types as it has characteristics of both OLED and IPS (and it is usually cheaper than OLED). The last aspect to look at is how easily the monitor can be calibrated by multiple color calibrators. Certain manufacturers don't allow for 3rd party color calibration (mainly Apple) which is usually why major production houses steer clear of those types of monitors due to their inability to match industry standards (for video). 

An aspect that's really a personal choice at this point would be screen resolution; while 1080p is still great and usually means it's cheaper, a 4k or even 8k monitor will afford you more pixels and workspace; allowing you to see your final images in ultra crispy detail. 

So the question is, what kind of monitor(s) are you using now and do you plan on upgrading anytime soon?