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Do you prefer a Matte box or a rear-clip-in filter for NDS?

Leading Creator

I've been finding myself using clip-in filters quite a bit recently, especially for my wider lenses like the 14mm and 12-24mm. I use to use a bunch of giant matte boxes to cover the different sizes of lenses in my arsenal but I'm finding them to be more cumbersome and clunky the more I use them. I'm curious what everyone's favorite go-to solution is for ND filters. List your favorite below!



On fixed prime lenses I use a matte box with 4x4 ND’s and a polarizer combination.  On my zoom lenses I use either a circular polarizer or a matte box depends on the situation and camera as having built in ND on the larger cameras is fantastic.   

Prime Creator

I still use front filters. It is more complicated on some of the wider lenses, but i still worry about putting internal filters on the front of the sensor, I am afraid of scratching it.  It is very efficient for NDs but it won't work with polarizers.