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Documentary Filmmaking & Business

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Hi, I'm Sony Artisan David McLain and happy to share creative and technical information on documentary filmmaking with the Alpha 7S III (a7SIII) and FX9#. I just finished shooting 12 short films that explore health equity in America and have experience in all aspects of video production, from concept through final deliverables. I've always been interested in what it takes to run a successful business as a photographer and filmmaker and am happy to talk about that as well.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Wow, very cool @davidmclain , thank you for sharing your knowledge and can't wait to watch the short films!

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Sounds like an amazing project!

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I've had the FX9 for a little over a year now and am finally getting comfortable with its operation and layout.  It's a big machine but when I use it for interviews, I'm always stunned at the results, especially using HLG/Cinetone S.  I almost never use S-logs anymore as I get easily get what I need from the settings I mentioned.

Ya, the FX9 is a big camera designed for filmmaking. While you can operate it "as is" out of the box you start to want additional tools like a big tripod with a fluid head, Easy Rig, good audio equipment, and accessories that help you mount everything and get it from your shoulder to your tripod quickly. I've spent a ton of time figuring out what works and am happy to share info on any specific use cases you have.