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FX6 Recording Options to be Updated?

Mover & Shaker
I just bought the FX6 and am having a great time getting to know the camera.
Compared to the FX3/A7SIII, it's fantastic having a REAL info-display SDI/HDMI output... not that cropped stuff from the FX3/A7SIII.  I'm only finding a couple issues with it, one that there is NO ⅛" audio input, where the FX3 and XLR-K3M both have it.  (why wasn't it added to the FX6?)
The other thing, and I'm VERY disappointed about this...  
The FX3 and A7SIII have more recording options!  On the FX3/A7SIII, I can record H.265/H.264 Long-GOP UHD in 10-bit.  On the FX6, if I want to shoot UHD Long-GOP, I can only do so in 8-bit!?
There's no reason the FX6 shouldn't have a Long GOP UHD 10-bit recording option.  Right?
My question for anyone "in the know"...
Will this be added in a firmware update soon?  If not, I'll sadly but likely be returning the FX6.
Thank you,