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HDMI output not working when using pc remote



So I was using my a6400 on pc remote mode and controlling it on a laptop via USB and remote application. when I tried connecting the HDMI to a Second laptop using HDMI capture card there was no HDMI output it was just black. However once  I disconnect the USB the HDMI outputs the image normally but if u connect it to a laptop the HDMI output disappears again. Anyone who has tried this or has faced this issue?   


Leading Creator

Hi Tanay - You can only have (1) video stream happening at once if you're not using a video switcher (which then splits up the signal). You can have a monitor out (so you can view it on a monitor) and one PC-remote (so you can view/control via your laptop). If you're trying to use (2) laptops at the same time you'll have to purchase a video router, such as the blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro found here - ""

There may also be other solutions as well (that are cheaper). What exactly are you trying to do with (2) laptops connected to the camera at the same time? Are you looking to control the camera with one laptop and then monitor the feed via the 2nd laptop? 

Yes, I usually cover events where once I set up a tripod I can only control it through laptop so that I don't disturb the audience and a6400 does not have a audio out port to monitor the input audio however the HDMI signal does send a audio output which can be monitored using a video capture card and OBS. 


Hi Tanay -

The USB Remote and HDMI port don't work at the same time - it's a limitation of the camera.