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Looking to shift more toward video and trying to upgrade


I've decided I want to focus more on video in the future.  I was originally looking at the fx3 and fx30 to have more of a dedicated video camera separate from my photo work – i find that i tend to mess things up when I try to switch back and forth between photo/video on my current cameras. 

I've been reading a lot about the a7Rv, though and it seems to have some video improvements over the fx cameras with stabilization and some other things that now I can't remember.  Would it make sense to use that primarily for video?  I love astro photography as well and so some of it's other features related to focusing seem pretty intriguing. Primarily I shoot for travel/hotels and for adventure type races.

I haven't completely ruled out the a1 but the price is definitely getting in my way of committing. 

Is there anything I'm not seeing that I should be taking into consideration when upgrading?  I currently have a beat up a7r3, a good a7r4 (but that has never been my favorite) and an a74.  I will be trying to sell 2 of them to move forward.  Should I also be considering the a7s3??? 

Thanks for any insight!


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The a7RV is an amazing camera, however if you are going to do primarily video I would look at the a7SIII. 

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Melissa, it sounds like the work you do is more where you are shooting separate video clips over a long day (adventure races).  If you are not covering a speaker at a conference where they talk continuously for an hour or more, then yes, you are headed in the right direction, I think in looking at a7RV and a7SIII versus FX3/30.  That you also shoot stills means if you bought into the FX3/30, you would never be able to use them for stills; they would be relegated only for video as you have no eye level viewfinder possible.  Additionally, even though you can shoot stills with the FX series cameras, you only get 12mp captures. 

One camera you already have is very capable for doing video at a very high level and that is your a7IV.  But I think this would be a secondary camera to the a7RV.  Be sure to pick up the ECM-B1 microphone ( I show you the ECM-B10 below but the ECM-B1 is even better) as it will give you fantastic shotgun audio of whatever you are shooting, which is super handy.  It's small and lightweight.

Thank you pm-r! 

Yes, I tend not to shoot anything with speakers or where audio is the primary focus.  I do have some Rode mics but because I'm doing such a fast paced hybrid thing, i've found that I skip adding the mic's altogether now.  I need to start consciously adding those back in again.  I like the size of the one you posted as well.

Another reason I was thinking of a dedicated video camera so the mic would always be on it.  But, I can see where I could set up the a74 or a7r5 as a dedicated video camera and then use it as a backup to my other stills camera when needed.

Thanks for the insights.  Regarding the a7sIII, I always forget about that one.  I think probably because of the 12 MP but if it was dedicated for video that wouldn't be much of an issue.

Still hard to keep all the pros and cons of each straight!