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Selling/Licensing your content as stock!

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For anyone looking to make money in the photo/video world these days, it's all about monetizing your content and being consistent with how you market it. When I first started licensing out content almost 2 decades ago it was a very long and tedious process -- that's not the case now. Even if you're just starting out or have been established for years, the content you create, no matter how good or bad, is 100% sellable. I've been using my A1 and A7SIII to capture all of my video and timelapse content for the last couple of years and the number of sales/interests in footage just keeps going up. If you want to learn more, check out a full guide I created that will hopefully get you started.

What are other ways you've learned to sell/market your content so it can be monetized for you? 


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This is great - thanks Drew.


Nice starting point, thanks!

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Very nice - thanks Drew! Stock pix sales are dead in the water with Getty

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Thank you!