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Sony a6400 focusing issues


Hi all

Apologies if this has been asked / answered elsewhere, but some advice would be welcome.
Obviously, as the subject says, I am using the a6400 to shoot video. However, I have a problem that is really driving me insane. When I shooting footage I can see on the in-built screen that the focus is constantly 'pulsing' in and out, this is very noticeable on a larger monitor on playback. Now, I don't mean it drastically focuses in and out, I mean it is subtle but obvious, and very off-putting. I had the face tracking on just now, to test it again, as I am trying to find out what is causing it, and whilst my face was in focus, the areas around me - especially the background - was displaying this pulsing issues (my Mac in the background was on, and you can really see the focusing issue as the Mac was blurring slightly in and out). Any advice would be most welcome.

Also, whilst I am here, is there a setting for setting the focus to infinity, or similar? I was shooting a group of people who sat in a slight diagonal line, but the focus would always remain on the person closest to the camera. I had no such issues with my previous video camera, Panasonic AC90...Again, advice would be very much welcome.

Thanks, everyone.



Prime Creator

Is the firmware current?

Hi Tony

Firmware appears the latest, at Ver 2.00



Hi Tony.

Thanks for the reply. Not sure, as embarrassing as that may sound! I will get it checked out. Thanks again.


Leading Creator

Pulsing focus is usually caused by (2) things; poor contrast in the scene (usually backlit) or the lens you're using has a mechanical issue (like being dropped or damaged). Have you tried it with another lens? and if so does the problem persist?