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Switching with two FX6 cameras and one a7RV at a live event -- It was a breeze!!!

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IMG_4503.JPGI got to use three Sony cameras and three lenses the other day on a shoot down in ATL.  I was using the ATEM Mini Extreme and was live switching a conference and recording as well.  It was so easy color and exposure matching the FX6 cameras!!  But even the a7RV was simple to get the correct look for as well.  I think many of us forget that all the Sony glass is color matched so well...  Sony makes it easy to get the right look that is consistent, sharp, and with neutral color.


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Community Manager

I love behind the scenes images like this! So cool. 

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Very cool!

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WOW! That is intense. Love to see the behind the scenes! 

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Nice!  I'm with the FX6 and FX3 duo, with an A7IV as a C-Cam.  My only gripes with the FX6 are that there's no Long-GOP 4K 10-bit option.  I have to record externally for that.  And, the variable ND doesn't work outdoors with a CPL.  I'm looking forward to upgrading to one of those carbon Schatler tripods one day!