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The Voyage: Season 1 - Shot on Sony Alpha


Myself and the SeaLegacy team are currently underway with production for Season 2 of Sony's 'The Voyage" following myself, Paul Nicklen, Cristina Mittermeier and our local partners aboard our solar-powered sailboat, working on conservation projects at sea.

Just curious if anyone tuned into those episodes and what you thought about the series!?

Check one out here if interested -


Leading Creator

Total fan! Loved Season 1 and can't wait to follow along on Season 2. Keep living the dream and doing the important work. I'm probably an outlier but I never feel like I need to be entertained by moving quickly from place to place or scene to scene. I always appreciate when filmmakers resist the quick cut and dive deep with a single person or place. Like in Episode 8, when you introduce us to local the Bahamian Free Diver.... oh man, I could watch a whole episode just on him. What a fascinating character. Those scenes of him underwater were so stunning and singular. You've got me.... now, I want to hear from him and hang with him in his world in his voice with sync sound and Verite. The Voyage has to be one of the coolest gigs happening in photography/cinematography right now. So excited for the next round of stories and adventures. Dive Deep Mann!


Just binge watched 1-8 tremendous!