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Turning nightmare travel around when you're on the road

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I just spent/had the worst production travel experience of my life. We had 3 planes get canceled back to back (each a day apart) and throughout the process, we had to travel to 2 different airports 3 hours away. I lost so much time and was so angry at first but after doing some calm breathing and chatting with my partner, calmer minds prevailed. Even though our production suffered multiple days of setbacks if you keep a positive attitude and push forward good things will happen too.

I'm curious if anyone else has had any nightmare travel scenarios of their own and what you did to overcome them.3 hour car ride to a new airport3 hour car ride to a new airportfinally reaching our destination 3 days laterfinally reaching our destination 3 days later


Prime Creator

I have had a few, nothing quite as bad as your experience though. I try and think of it as good stories at least

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I've gotta know what's in the orange case.


If someone is pumping gas for you, that is either Oregon, or New Jersey. Based on the scenery, I am guessing Oregon?


LOL...How about being a single woman, filming all throughout India, working my way through Intra-Indian Airports, then dealing with carnet letters and Indian customs coming into and out of India. India was the hardest shooting I have ever done. Picked up a stomach bug on leaving India on the way to Singapore to film, but that is another story!