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Understanding Cine EI

Alright fam, just need some assurance I'm getting this correct about Cine EI. I have a FX3. 
  • 800/12800 base isos.
  • Regardless of the iso that you are in Low or High, changing the EI in either direction is not changing the iso being recorded, it's giving you the ability to prioritize either the shadows or the highlights. Theoretically this will result in a cleaner image opposed to using flexible iso and changing the iso to adjust exposure?
  • The single digit follow by E following the EI number represents the number of stops of dynamic range over middle grey. The lower that number the more you'r prioritizing shadows, the higher the more you're prioritizing highlights?
  • If prioritizing highlights or shooting in low light, and I have to go above 800EI I'm better off jumping up to 12800EI and going back down on the EI? Is 12800EI pretty much my max before everything starts completely falling apart and noise is a major issue?
  • If you're using a disply LUT it affects your exposure readings? Is the LUT baked into the file?
  • Are we still shooting for +1.7 on the meter?



Community Manager
Community Manager

This is a great question for our related community at - you can use the same login there as you do here. Here's a couple posts on the topics:

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Hi Andy, here's a great explanation to many of your questions by the master himself, Aliser Chapman. It's for the FX6 but the ideas and concepts he explains will carry over to your FX3. Alister's blog is an amazing resource, I use it all the time.