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Using ZV-1 as a web cam


Does anyone have any experience using the ZV-1 as a webcam? This would be instead of using a laptop's built-in camera and more for a desktop.  I'm thinking of better video resolution and audio quality by using the ZV-1.  Any thoughts?


Key Contributor

If you are doing live streaming consistently, you will want a capture card and an audio capture device, like a Zoom recording/input device (many variations of this by Zoom). Although the mic is relatively ok on any camera, to get the pro audio sound you will want a more professional microphone setup with a recording input device. Getting a quality setup for consistent livestreaming will probably cost you about $300-400 in addition to the camera. However, if you need a stream in a pinch for work or whatnot this will do the trick. What I like about a capture card is that it treats the camera as a driver, like any other webcam. With this device the same is possible with the plug and play software. Other cameras though would greatly benefit from a capture card. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Here's an article on about setting up your camera to be a webcam without needing a capture card.