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Video Thumbnails

So I have a Sony a7iv and the video thumbnails don’t show up on my pc or laptop (windows 10). I record in 1080 hd xavc s 10bit 422. This is not an issue for any of my other cameras such as the a7ii or my a6500. I am able to see thumbnails from my other cameras but for some reason the files from the a7iv don’t show thumbnails. Anyone know a possible fix?

Prime Creator

I suspect that Windows is throw off by the 10bit video files. Downloading Sony Catalyst Browse should let you view any Sony video file with thumbnails through its interface Or as an alternative this video by Matt Johnson shows how to get 10bit video thumbnails to show up with different tools

Leading Creator

For video, it's a Windows 10/11 thing. They stopped supporting hvec codecs for thumbnails a while back. The only way to do it is to transcode it to ProRes (or an H.254 .Mov) and you should see the thumbnails return. You might try downloading the VLC player though and see if you have any luck with that. 

Windows and Sony also both stopped supporting RAW thumbnails quite a few years back too (for still photos).

*H.264 (slip of the finger!)