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What is your favorite video editor? Newbie here!

Prime Creator

I am actually making video mockups for print on demand products. That means I need to crop the video to meet the requirements of place the product is going to be listed...eBay, Etsy, Amazon, etc. I want a basic editor that isn't complicated. I have Premiere pro, but it  tends to be overkill for ten second videos. 


Prime Creator

Video Newbie here too. I tried PremierPro but I didn't like it. I also tried Apple's Final Cut Pro, which felt better. But the most recommended I've seen on youtube and they have a really great free version is Da Vinci Resolve. I haven't tried it yet, but once I immerse myself into video editing I will go for that one.

I was thinking about DaVinci too. I think Sony has their own basic editor too. 

Sony make amazing imaging tools, but so much for post-processing softwares. They ,right be good for basic works, but the bar for "basic" very high now.

PC only 😞