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What's your favorite mirrorless to use for productions?

Leading Creator

Every time I go out on set I have to determine if I want to shoot video on my A7S3 or my A1 and I'm curious if anyone else has trouble figuring out which one is best for the job! I use to the A7S3 quite a lot for video since that's what it's designed for (the high-ISO is amazing) but I often find myself using the A1 because it has all of the same features and abilities of the A7S3, but also the added benefit of filming 8k (I also like that you can actually zoom into focus and check that it's set correctly, which you can't do on the A7S3). 

Which camera(s) are you most excited about when it comes to filming video?



i am using a7s3 this is best for me

Prime Creator

I like the a7siii on a Gimbal - the flip out screen is very handy. And the high ISO abilitiy  is great for low light. Otherwise the a1 is my go to camera.