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Working with others to create epic scenes! (For Video & photo)

Leading Creator

I recently got the opportunity to work with a good friend showcasing her talents and abilities and it was really fun getting to see how we each worked. It was a first for me (I usually work independently) but it was refreshing to learn some new tips and tricks (as well as share some of my own tips and tricks too). I highly recommend collaborating with other artists to help expand your skill sets. One of the things I learned was using 'Haze in a can' which, when added to natural light, can make for some incredible compositions for both photo and video!

What are some things you've learned from others while on the job? 


Leading Creator

Haze in a can is great. I'm always surprised that photographers don't use atmospherics more. It's such a foundational trick in filmmaking.

A gaffer turned me onto the Hudson Spider a couple of years ago and it changed the way I think about lighting. It's a continuous parabolic light that wraps in a really nice way. Check it out. It's a really different way to think about lighting, travels well, and has become my go-to light for stills and video.

Gaffers have so much to teach us.